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General Terms and Conditions
This network supports the exchange of experiences and ideas between researchers, industry professionals, public authorities and consumers in the field of Cold-Chain-Management. It will facilitate the partner-, project-, know how- or job-search within national and international scopes.

A. Who may use this network?
It is free! Anyone who wants to use this network may use it. This network will pariculuarly benefit researchers, industry professionals and students whose focuses include:

  • food, from production to customer or
  • techniques to control, store, transport or cool food or its process-lines or
  • economic views of the whole supply chain management- and quality management processes or
  • just learning

B. Rights and liabilities users
The use of is for free. Everybody has the abililty to register and use the network whenever the network is running. will not give any warranties operating- or service level agreement to the users of

C. Duties and privileges users
The use of this network is a privilege entitled to you by Therfore, your membership may be cancelled without a reason.

The only duty for users is to be respectful in this network:
This means that users only upload information and data files that relate to the network's topics and refrain from breaking any laws including uploading files owend by third parties.

Members of this network who publish sexual, racist or other content will be subject to having all information and accounts deleted as well as a possibility of charges being pressed.

D. Handling of uploaded files, data and information is strictly confidential by handling the data in their databases with respect for the privacy of its users. deals as carefully as possible but ccm-network does not guarantee that all uploaded data and information will be stored for a set time-period or that unauthorized people # will not gain access to the information.

Quality Assessment Tools

aims of the network:
  • exchange of experience and ideas between research, industry, public authorities and consumers in the field of CCM
  • facilitate and establish partnerships for national and international projects
  • increase co-operation with partners and experts worldwide
  • share ideas and information pertaining to future trends
  • demonstrate innovative solutions in the field of Cold-Chain-Management and promote their introduction

benefits for members:
  • find experts worldwide in the field of CCM
  • introduce yourself
  • search and post job listings
  • upload or find publications
  • post or find events
  • discuss innovative ideas and technologies
The use of is for free!
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